About Us

The only fan engagement tool made by fans for teams

Created in 2018 by four college students, FlashPlays began as a simple prediction game for the four friends to play while they watched sports together. The idea was to create a game that was competitive like fantasy sports but also interactive like in-game betting. And so began the first iteration of FlashPlays, an 8 question prediction game hosted on groupme and google sheets.


However, as more friends asked to take part in the contests, running them got out of hand. So in September of 2019, just in time for the NFL season, the creators launched the FlashPlays app. And in just 6 months, the app grew to over 20,000 downloads and 6,000 DAUs, becoming the largest real-time prediction game in the US.


In the summer of 2020, the FlashPlays game caught the attention of the Miami Dolphins. At the time, Covid was in full force and sports teams were struggling with no fans in the stands and decreased viewership. The Dolphins viewed the game as the perfect way to intensify the viewing experience, build a live community of fans, and reward them for their loyalty all from their homes. It was at that moment the creators realized that FlashPlays had become more than a fun game. It became the glue that unites fans isolated in their homes and brings them closer to the teams they love.


Now, in 2021, we’re continuing that mission of uniting fans with the teams they love by offering our gameplay to organizations around the world. If you are part of or work with an organization that would like to offer our 8 question gameplay to their fanbase, we’d be delighted to talk!