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Dolphins GameTime


Dolphins GameTime is a standalone app in collaboration with the Miami Dolphins. With Covid-19 driving fans to isolate themselves in their homes, we’re using real-time prediction gaming to retain the sense of live community and spirit fans feel when watching games in the stands or at bars. In our first year together, we targeted the app to the Dolphins Facebook group as a pilot and saw immediate success. Now, we’re exploring integration options to get the FlashPlays gameplay to all the amazing Dolphins fans around the world



  •   Enhance the viewing experience

  •   Strengthen the Dolphins community

  •   Build loyalty via a gamified rewards program

  •   Grow presence of Facebook Group

Season 1 Summary

  • 55% 90-day retention 

  • 11 mins screen-time per game

  • 373 chat messages sent per game

  • 2773 credits earned by users

  • 20% of users signed up to the Facebook group

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