We are looking for some of our most loyal and creative users to be “Brand Reps”. What that entails is, we will give you a custom referral code to start. This is used to track the # of users that register with your code (Ex:TB12). The goal is to get as many users as possible, however, we want to see new and creative ways you do so!
We aim to hold around 10-12 select Brand Reps in a group message over text. Depending on the group’s progress, the top 5-6 Brand Reps with the most invites will win money.
Each Brand Rep will be logged into the FlashPlays Live system with their personal username and referral code. This organizes how the number of referrals for each Brand Rep can be tracked.
Once you enter your credentials, you will be put into a group message. Good luck, let’s see what you got!


Thanks for joining the FlashPlays community, we can't wait to collaborate with you!