Our Mission

the problem

Imagine it’s the end of the week and you’re one of the millions of NFL fans watching the Sunday night football game. Although you sit there for 3 and a half hours, you’re only watching 11 minutes of active play. The rest of the time consists of replays and 63 minutes of commercials. During this time you’re bored out of your mind.

who we are

​The average NFL game lasts over 3 hours but has only 11 minutes of active play compared to 67 minutes of commercials and a 12 minute halftime. As die-hard sports fans, we recognize that this is a problem in numerous sports, and believe our fellow die-hards deserve more. It’s why we live by our tagline, “Be More than a Fan”.

what we do

Launched in September, 2019, FlashPlays is the world’s leading in-game fantasy sport. By combining aspects of live sports betting, fantasy leagues, daily fantasy sports and sports forums, we have created the most holistic and interactive viewing experience. We have seen tremendous growth in the past 4 months and are excited to see where the future leads us.