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Flashplays gives fans the opportunity to enhance their viewing experience during games. Just make 8 live predictions during NFL game, get them all right, and win money. And the best part, it's all free.

Be more than a fan

FlashPlays strives to give you the ultimate viewing experience. You can now spend time watching watching sports as a player, not just a fan.


8 Questions will be sent out during an NFL game. Answer them all correctly and win a cash prize. Simple as that!


Use our live statistics to track and analyze your live predictions as you watch the game.

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Compare performances between friends to see how you rank at predicting questions


Use personalized statistics to customize your personal player card and earn badges.


Our users love our game!

4.9 Rating on the App Store

I really like this app, it is easy and simple to use. I have showed it to a lot of my friends and it’s really cool being able to play together in real time. When I was having an issue with the app I received a response only immediately which was extremely helpful and friendly. Overall a great app which I would recommend to anyone who likes fantasy sports and getting paid to play it.


I love how this game isn’t overwhelming and it keeps you interested in games you may not be normally interested in. App support is amazing and the payouts can be great too! Only 8 questions as a real time game is awesome especially compared to those annoying ones where you have to answer on every play!

- Tempo86

These contests taking watching football to the whole next level! These questions make you look at different aspects of the game, more than just the score. It brings excitement to every play, with the chance to win money every contest. And best of all, it’s FREE!!

- cmk2454



As a small team, we're always looking for ambitious young individuals who believe in our product and can make a difference.

I am interested in being a:

Focus on bringing more users to the game and earn compensation based on how many users use your referral code. Earn $1 per user to start off.

Put your coding skills to the test and help us create the ultimate live-prediction platform as well as get a head start on some new features.

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