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Turn your fans into SUPERFANS 

FlashPlays helps build the digital relationship between sports teams and their fanbases
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The Gamified Loyalty Journey

We use gaming to facilitate a loyalty program that digitally elevates a sports team's gameday offering and activates its fanbase

For the Fans

Our gameplay keeps fans at the edge of their seats as they compete to earn rewards for their loyalty and engagement

For the Teams

Build a more active and satisfied fanbase while increasing avenues for digital monetization


Building the superfan from home

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Turn viewers into active gamers

Fans answer predictive questions during your sporting events, staying engaged from start to finish

Build a live, digital community

As they watch the game, they socialize with others in chats and buff up their profile with badges

Test your fanbase’s sportsIQ

Fans earn points for correct predictions. The better they do, the more they win, intensifying the experience

Reward users for their engagement

They spend points in the rewards center, and choose between dozens of team offerings, building loyalty

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A solution tailored to your needs

A Native SDK


If you have a mobile app, whether in-house or from a third party, the SDK is for you. Our integration experience is optimized so that you can be up and running in a matter of days.

A Standalone


No app? No problem. Our team has experience managing standalone apps and can build an independent experience with no additional overhead.


Receive instant, automatic updates without a hassle

We utilize over-the-air (OTA) updates to improve the experience without disturbing your devs. When we push it, your fans see it immediately. It’s that simple.

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Who we are

We’re a team of young sports diehards on a mission to transform the relationship between fans and their favorite teams. Over the past few years, we have built FlashPlays Live to do just that.


Let's Team Up

Partners are an important part of bringing the FlashPlays mission to life.

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"Having the chance to interact with other fans during the game enhances the whole experience for me"

DangleTime - Miami, Florida


"Me and my friends answer questions together every week. We're all trying to get the helmet!"


DavidPutt - Lilburn, Georgia

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